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    I'm sure that this is not only a NYC phenomenon.

    At 4:30 pm was running down the stairs to catch the uptown 6 train about to leave the 14th street station, and I thought I was going to make it before the doors closed. They started closing, and I stopped short hoping they would open up again. Well, my Treo in the form fit case attached to my belt released and kept going. (My love handles don't help and probably pressed on the release.) It hit the platform once, then the side of the train, and feel underneath. Before the train left, I could see that the screen was on since it was reflecting off the shiny outside wall of the car. It had fell under the lip of the platform, and when the train left, I couldn't see it. A friendly observer came up to me and said, "That zhit got crushed by the train." I guess he thought I was about to do something rash.

    Just to advise anyone else in this predicament, there is a reasonable solution to this. It was rush hour, so that thought of jumping down there wasn't an option. I went to the token booth clerk, who know exactly who to call to get help. He said that I needed to know that this could take up to 45 minutes, and that I should just sit down on the nearest bench and wait.

    Just over twenty minutes later, two MTA workers arrived. One walked down to the beginning of the platform, I guess to flag down the next train if he could. The other followed me to the point of release which I wasn't sure of now.

    They let the next train enter the station, and then I saw the reflection again. The screen was still on. The worker had this claw on a long rod and simply reach down and pulled it up to the platform after the train left. I looked at the screen, and it said "you have new voice mail." In the subway? I looked it over and it seemed intact, but each time I tried to turn it off, it would come back on. Then I noticed that the SD card was halfway out, which is what was keeping the screen lit.

    It's working okay now as far as I can tell. I'm thinking now I'm lucky it didn't bounce *into* the car before the doors closed. Then I would have to wait for some kind soul to return it to the nearest Sprint store.
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    You lucked out bigtime.
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    Haha good story! I would be scared out of my mind if that happened to me.
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    Traveling to New York for a week starting tomorrow....gonna be careful on the subway!
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    uh, I hope you cleaned it.
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    Your're lucky a rat didn't decide to take your treo and run up insane phone bills!!! Those suckers are big and mean!
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    I got the goosbumps!

    Now I'm going to have nightmares. Cool!
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    Wow, that's a great tip.. I've never dropped anything in the subway like that.
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    wow I never thought of my Treo flying off the belt clip case! I guess I'll just stick with keeping my phone in a case in my pocket!
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    I did see some rats darting around the tracks. It didn't fall into any muck, so not much cleaning was necessary.

    So much for the people who say that this phone is fragile.

    I asked the MTA worker who retrieved it if this happens a lot. I think he said yes, but with the way he and his co-worker casually went through all this, I had the feeling that this is no big deal for them. At the time I wanted to say that this is a $600 phone and not one of those Sprint freebies, but everyone was very helpful nonetheless, and the main point is that you don't have to think about jumping down on the tracks when this happens. I remember reading of at least one case of a fatality where a young woman was killed by an oncoming train while she was trying to retrieve her cell phone. If my phone were in plain site, it would have been very tempting.

    Forget it if it had hit the third rail. It would be like a mosquito hitting one of those electronic bug zappers.
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    will you buy me a lottery ticket?
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    There's a saying among surgeons, it's better to be lucky than good. It certainly takes a lot less effort,
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    I'm glad everything ended up ok. I'm also glad you didn't try to go down to the trackbed and get it yourself. Many people have been killed doing that.
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    My friend dropped his blackberry like this. and he got it back the same way.

    They told him that if they couldnt reach it with the "claw" they would have to stop train traffic.

    I too went running for a train once and my 600 went flying out of my inside jean jacket pocket, but it didnt fall onto the tracks. It came out a little bruise but mostly okay. I picked it after it stopped slidding and still made the train.

    a couple of year ago, I lost a walkman to the tracks. by the time the mta came someone snatch it up.

    oh BTW, this thread tittle sounded like you did it on purpose.
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    Two points.

    1. Insurance with a 50 dollar deductable is essential with this phone. (Sprint Lock/Line)
    2. Don't wear a 600 piece of electronics on your belt. Jeeze.
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    I'm not that much of a Type A to resort to throwing handhelds around when I can't squeeze into a subway. (Thing is, I was an hour early for the conference I was attending, and didn't really need to rush.) But I should have known better because the Treo has released before after sitting down, and then after getting up the Treo was left in the chair.

    I can't go with keeping the Treo in a separate shoulder, and I'm not about to keep it in my pocket. I'd rather go back to the old neoprene pouch I used with my 600. This isn't the perfect solution either, having thrown it once into a snow bank when I lost my grip while I was pulling it out one January night.

    And, with this pouch the screen is facing your inwards so there is less chance that you'll bang the screen on some object like a doorknob. With the form fit case attached to your belt, it's really sticking out there.
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    Mausalot: you're right on both points. I was lucky.
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    You guys need Treo condoms, and need pockets to keep these suckers in. Since I got my silicone skin case, this just doesn't happen anymore. BTW, if you search the forum, you can read my full story of NYC Treo 600 woe - in summary, I left my old baby in a cab right after a wisdom tooth extraction, since I was in such pain I could barely see straight. I had just gotten upstairs to my apartment and popped a Percocet when I realized what happened - tried calling that sucker while hopping around my apartment in agony before the pain killers kicked in, but nobody ever answered it.

    Called and cancelled service the next day, got a new SIM card and free-phone that night from T-Mobile store, and bought a GSM Treo 650 a week later. Luckily the timing was perfect, the GSM 650 was released that week.

    The point: New York eats Treos for lunch. You've been duly warned.
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    For $5/month you get both programs. It's well worth it. Now I have to come up with a better case that still allows quick access.

    Total Equipment Protection gives you the combined coverage offered by the Sprint PCS® Equipment Replacement Program and the Sprint PCS® Enhanced Warranty Program in one complete package.

    Equipment Replacement Program:

    * Protects against lost equipment, theft, and accidental damage (including damage due to lightning, physical or liquid damage)
    * $50 non-refundable deductible will apply for all approved replacements
    * For full terms and conditions, you can review the Coverage Certificate

    Enhanced Warranty Program:

    * Protects against mechanical and electrical failure due to normal wear and tear, as well as defects
    * A $10 Warranty Processing fee will apply for all approved replacements
    * For full terms and conditions, you can review the Service Contract
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    rcgabriel: I was thinking of using the silicone skin with my old neoprene pouch which I originally used with my 300, so it has plenty of room.

    Now, if someone could invent a **** Tracy type wrist communicator that would use BT, this would work when you don't need todo any texting, kinda like the SPOT watch but with the ability to handle phone calls.
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