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    I can't be sure if this is a new problem since 1.08, however, I *know* this used to not be broken.... I now have trouble loading many sites. I receive a couple of different error messages all relating to being out of memory or not enough memory on Blazer...

    Here's the stange part.... My Treo has at least 11 or 12 MB free... I've tried setting the Blazer memory limit to 3 MB, but the problem remains... When this problem pops up, my actual cache and cookie memory counts are no where near the 3 MB limit...

    What's going on here? And How can I get Blazer working again....

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    Blazer stinks! Wouldn't it be great if MS made an IE for palm?
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    I have to same problem too. I did notice that by doing a soft reset it helps. even though you have a lot of memory left its your nvfs cache that is low. doing a soft reset will help regain this memory.
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    A soft reset seem to fix it.... But now for the more frightening question -- will this keep happening, and as such, is the 1.08 fix really just a hack, with a leaky nvfs cache?
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    this is due to dynamic heap memory diminishing as you use your device, not how much space is free. there is a palm app to expand the amount of dynamic heap and I have found it to work well

    search for a thread I started about "udmh"
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    As DutchTrumpet says - it's a creeping heap problem. I had it all the time before the upgrade. Somewhat less since. However, my experience with UDMH was that it didn't at all work with Blazer. (That was back around v2.3 or so, a couple of weeks ago.) I did notice that running UDMH generally, but turned off for Blazer seemed to keep my heap better defragmented though and allowed me to run without hitting this set of errors quite so frequently.

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