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    Is anybody currently using a Semsons i.Trek GPS with the new 1.08 firmware? I can pair the GPS with my Treo, but it won't connect. I don't know if it's a problem with the new firmware, a setting that got changed, or a bad GPS unit. It worked fine a few months ago, before the update.
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    Is anybody using the i.Trek? Does it work with the 1.08 firmware? Somebody must know.
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    I sent the i.Trek back to Semsons under warranty. The replacement they sent works great. I now have no problems pairing with the 650. I leave it on charge in my truck and it connects immediately, no problems. It seems to track the satellites better too, with no dropouts.
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    Mine worked fine for me in 1.08. It's not working now in 1.12.

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