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    Everything syncs fine but my calendar?? Anyone had this issue??

    I only use palm desktop..and I do not sync with outlook at all..

    I just want to be able to sync...same thing happens in BT sync...or cable sync....everything works but calendar sync...
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    Try this from Ink883..

    i had the same problem and used filez to remove all databases associated with the OLERR, in my case the OLERR error was with tasks so i had to remove tododb and tasksdb-ptod and resync with desktop overrights handhandeld.

    I think with the caladar the filez to remove are calandardb-pdat & caladarlocation...

    Of course make sure to do a full backup with something like backupman in case this doesn't work for you.


    It worked for me just a little while ago.My problem was the calendar as well.
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    Here's how I fixed it...

    On one call with Sprint Tech Support, they offered me a credit ($30) to download Chapura Pocket Mirror XT (the only one that works with the 650) and my Calendar now syncs. On another, they gave me a URL to download Pocket Mirror.

    In the interest of sanity I would try for one of the above before you start messing with databases and other settings.

    I had the same error message and Pocket Mirror fixed the problem!

    Hope it works for you!

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