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    I've finally gotten a Treo 650; being a developer, the 650 and T|T5 have been driving me up the wall for months, coming up with workarounds for the dozens of critical system OS bugs PalmOne left in there. But despite all that, its still one of the sexiest must have devices around.. so hard to get

    But (see below) I've had an entire evening shot trying to get the sucker up and going... apps are easy.. its the calendar that is making me mental. You see, the installer buggered everything up, so I'm back to square one. Beaming the datebook from one machine to the 650 reboots the 650 (as does a SD card copy).. that was the only way to get it to work with t a T|T3 or T|E half the time, but with the buggy patches in the OS, its extra tough for the 650. (Sorry, I'm a little, or a lot, annoyed right now, so my annoyance is showing through in the email. you know how it is

    So.. any idea how to get a workign datebook from Treo 600 to 650? any suggestions?


    1) Installer crashed
    2) Verify, and its broken all the existing setups; from syncing 5
    PDAs to one machine,to none.. joy! (at least its not my main machine)
    3) Uninstaller .. hangs
    4) Manually uninstall, fix registry up, etc
    5) Reboot; run installer..
    6) Installer doesn't work at all, no clue why
    7) Fix registry and botched file permissions left over from
    previous installer run
    8) Reboot; run installer..
    9) Works this time; whew, installed
    10) First sync...
    ... 2 hours pass ..
    11) Interupt it; just can't stand it any longer and need to sleep
    12) Time to hard reset to make sure its in constant state,
    uninstall the desktop and reinstall just to get the full process full
    once.. I like to at least get the first sync rm an install through before
    I hack the device up. Course, hard resetting this guy is a right pain so perhaps I'll wait..
    13) Ah, wonderful, checking the Palm Desktop install and it
    doesn't see any of my old users, and doesn't seam to like the .dat files
    from the PIM apps. So can't do an export/import wince it can't see anything at all.. hmm.. time to look into how the desktop stores its data on this new version, or install an old version and route it all through outlook...
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    In case anyone else comes across similar problems, heres how I worked around.

    OKay, as you can see above I never completed 'first sync' which I like to do, as well as product registratin etc.. since PD install crashed.

    This time an normal uninstall succeeded, so I was able to remove PD from the PC. (Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel, since they don't put the uninstaller in the Start menu etc.)

    Hard reset Treo 650 (so as to not have my addressbook on it anymore, previously beamed from Treo 600.. it made first sync take hours.)

    Install fresh again, restart Treo 650, do first sync etc.. all succeeded, though essentially nothing on device.

    Install Treo 600 (as above, the first PDinstall buggered everything up, but thankfully this same PD will work with Treo 600, though not with Zodiac etc.) So did first sync of Treo 600 to new install of PD and got everything synced up.

    Export calendar and addressbook from Treo 600 user (select 'All' in calendar, then export)

    Change user to Treo 650's user, do import of the two PIMs

    Good to go.

    Thankfully the PD re-install didn't take long or I'd have gone bananas

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    I should note that between PD installs, I made manual backups of the hotsync user directories, and renamed them, so that PD wouldn't be able to find them and restore anything from the several previous installs I'd done in quick succession last night.

    ie: Locate hotsync.exe
    In that same place, you'll find a few directories like Add-Ons and Components and such, but also one directory for each hotsync ID.. named similar. (My ID is "Jeff Mitchell", so my directory is MitcheJ). Rename and copy those for backups.


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