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    I just got a new 650 (Sprint) and compared to my old 600, it is much slower at opening and switching between applications. The 600 usually opens apps in less than a second. The 650 takes up to 4 seconds to open apps. Once the app is open, everything is speedy enough, but getting things opened is very annoying.

    At first I thought it might be a slow SD card, but the symptoms are the same without the SD card.

    Is this normal?

    Thanks for the help.
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    I no longer have my old Treo 600 around, so I can't compare how quickly applications open. But I can say that one of my main applications, Pocket Tunes is much faster on the Treo 650 than it was on my Treo 600.
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    Yes- this seems to be the Norm.

    This has been mentioned on many threads. With out going into detail (to avoid repatition) the most common believe: it is caused by the NVFS system. Since the memory structure change, it takes a bit longer to save 'data' thus longer wait between programs. You can really see this with the delay using a short key for a phone call.

    Search the forum if you would perfer a more technical description (I'm not that slick w/ this stuff so I would perfer not to misinform you)
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    Quote Originally Posted by terpfan91
    I just got a new 650 (Sprint)
    Since you are new and just got it, hope you got the update:
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    There are some annoyances like this with the 650. However, after a few weeks I think you will find the 650 to be much faster overall. Certainly web browsing, media, and other intensive apps run much faster on the 650.

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