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    hmmm, mine didn't work after the trial. said it has ended and disconnected me. but good on you. I like it too. I really hate having to purchase a different program to use the full range of appications on my treo. trying to learn to use the ones that came free in the original package. Call me cheap. I'm just spoiled I guess. In a nut shell, mine is working fine for what I intended it for. I do love the PDAnet though. I use it at work sometimes and when I travel, as well as when I go visit family. They all drool over it. Not to mention I use it wih my super laptop that makes them drool even more. And I've even set it up on my home comp as a backup for when my cable goes out (and that happens quite a bit around these parts.) It's awesome!
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    I used PDA Net with great success while I had a T600. When we transitioned to T650's I was unable to get the PDA net to function at all. In addition to that I was never able to sync the 650 with the desktop while the PDA Net software was active.

    I updated the software but this was right after the 650 came out.

    Does anyone have any thoughts as to where i should look for a solution?


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