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    My unlocked Treo started turning the phone off all by itself lately. I get very weak/intermitternt signal at work and it keeps loosing signal all the time (I keep hearing the connection chime).

    So, the question is: is it normal for the phone to turn itself off if it can't lock onto a carrier for a certain period? I couldn't find this in the manual.

    While I'm at it, another gripe. After turning off today the phone part completely locked up and only a soft reset brought it back to life. I had to pull the phone out of my Sena case, open the cover, extract the stylus and aim for that hole - all this while driving - what a pain! Why the hell is it called "soft" reset if a harware button is required to activate it? I was quite pissed to find out that I don't have a single application with the soft reset functionality. This should be part of the OS.

    So, another question: does anybody know of a simple app with soft reset? And I mean sipmle (and free) - nothing like ZLauncher or some such.

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    If it is locked up there is no way to do a software reset you have to use the button in the battery compartment. There is no option to turn off the phone if the signal is lost in the OEM software. However several 3rd party apps do this and there is some freeware that will do a soft reset for you, but I can't remember the names. I have zlaunch and it's buit-in.
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    That's the point - only the phone app was locked up - I can still access and launch other apps. So an app with soft reset would stop me from being a hazard on the road!

    Come to think of it, the "soft" reset is done via hardware because it is assumed that the whole thing is locked up and it's impossible to run any app therefore software reset is impossible. Yet some applications (notably launchers) include the functionality and, indeed, sometime needed in other situations.

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