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    Has anyone tried the
    Jabra BT 800?I'm trying to decide between that one and the
    Sony HBH 660, or the
    palmone headset
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    There are a few discussions on this. From what I've read, there are a lot of problems with the BT800, namely extremely long connect times and the caller ID doesn't work.
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    I was wondering if anyone has the Jabra BT 800 with the latest Cingular update. I know they made some updates on bluetooth and was wondering if the delays were improved or if the caller ID was working appropriately? Thanks. Daryl
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    i have tried bt800 on the latest cng fw and i had more probs with it than before.
    1. caller id used to work with older fw
    2. tansfer time is still slow

    one thing i notice different with the new fw and old fw is if u can hit the answer button on the phone before the bt800 rings during an incoming call. it will xfer pretty quick.

    i am testing out a bt500 now and it's much better than the 800 or 250's. still think my hbh660 is quicker, but i hate the ear hook or jabra ear gel setup.
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    This really stinks (have a more worthy word in mind but keeping it PG).

    I really liked the BT800. Worked great with my Nokia 6230, but it is absolute garbage with the Treo 650. I was hoping with future Palm firmware updates things would change, but I guess that won't be happening with the newest update.

    Something unique about the BT800 is that it is firmware upgradeable. Wondering if anyone like shadowmite or some other adventurous programmer would be willing to hack away at it. I think I would be willing to donate some money rather than selling the BT800 and getting a new BT headset.
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    I have a BT800 that I used with another phone and it worked just fine-I was never able to get the Caller ID working with my Treo 650-curious as to what your set up was when it worked.

    Lately I've just stuck to using the Treo Wireless Headset,and barely,if ever use the BT800 or BT250v with my Treo.

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