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    I'm a former Blackberry user. I just bought a Treo 650 4 days ago. Is there an auto-type feature for the Treo 650? I definitely don't see it anywhere in it's default state, unless I'm looking up the wrong tree. I usually type like this -

    "im going 2 meet u soon. cu later."

    would automatically get changed to

    "I'm going to meet you soon. See you later." as I type on.

    I notice a few letters get automatically fixed like "im" to I'm" but where can I add more auto-type words?

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    i'm not aware of any app that does that... but u ought to check out the app mentioned below. it's not going to serve the particular purpose you want, but is an excellent app and saves me quite some time!

    Shortcut5 @ Palmgear
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    go to and search on 'textras' - it's an app that can deliver a lot of what you're used to on the BB....

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