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    Just wanted to share this with everyone. I just got my Scala-500 BT headset and was having the following issues:

    1) When I made a call, it didn't automatically default to the headset. I would have to press the button on my headset to transfer the call over.
    2) I was unable to hang up from the headset if I was on an incoming call.
    3) Other random problems.

    I was able to fix all this by deleting my one other trusted BT device from my Treo (which was my laptop).

    I haven't tested it fully yet, but things seem okay right now.
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    Can you add your laptop back? Or did you have to keep only one trusted device?
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    I added my laptop back as a trusted device, and my Scala still seems to be working fine w/ my Treo 650.
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    gr8 news... i hope this solution works out for other users having problems with their bluetooth headsets... scala and others too.
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    In general this works for me as well. I pair whichever headset I am using with the Treo after deleting all other Bluetooth devices. Once done, I can add additional non-headset devices, like my pcs and HP995 BT printer.

    Do keep in mind that not all headsets and car kits can pair with more than one device at a time. For me, I have to re-pair the Treo with my headset anytime I switch phones. (Which hasn't been often lately because I like the Treo so much!)
    have to say, I really hope the firmware update expands the bluetooth capability on the Treo a little more. I'd like to see more profiles, handsfree, (not just headset) OBEX Ftp, and the ability to control the order with which devices are accessed in the trusted list. I'd also like to see a fully functional Bluetooth printing solution... have not yet found one that works on the Treo 650.
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