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    Hi, please excuse this if it posted twice. My other post of this seemed to have wiped out.

    I loved my 600... for almost an exact year. TODAY, upon receiving a call, it started shutting off - rebooting, and dropping Wireless Mode. For two full hours it would either reboot when I tried to dial out, or connect and I'd hear nothing, and then do the same thing. I did many soft-resets and 1 warm-reset.

    I finally reached a landline and called T-Mobile's "PDA Tech Support" (as recommended by the PalmOne site). He had me demonstrate everything, and do soft resets. Same problems. Then, he had me do a hard reset. . . . SAME problems - frozen phone, rebooting, etc!!! I can't even call Voicemail!

    He said he'd send me "another phone". I insisted on T-Mobile paying the $15 expedited shipping (not me). Then he said that I may not get a new phone - may be refurbished, "but it should all work"... I've not had bad problems with T-Mobile, but I am frustrated that 'under warrenty' I had to FIGHT for free shipping and a new replacement!

    I've in complete grief! Not only do I feel very odd that 'my friend Treo' is broken, but that I'm not even necessarily getting a fully-new replacement! (This is venting, I know).

    Please, can I have anyone tell me:
    - if your Treo ever did these things
    - did you find out what it was
    - did you replace the phone
    - did they send you a "refurbished" one, and did it work?
    - did anyone ever change carriers over something like this?

    Thanks for your answer,
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    Oh yeah - the only 3rd party software I have is Agendus. I've been using it for almost the entire time I've had the Treo (just about 1 year). Two weeks ago I upgraded to the latest versions of the handheld & desktop versions, but that shouldn't affect this problem: after a hard reset (wipes out all software), the problem still occurred.

    Crying for my baby Treo,
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    Oh yeah (again)... the battery was at 87% when the problems first began, at 2pm ET. Then, in 15 minutes, the battery went down to 65% ( from the wireless straining to connect?)


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