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    I cracked my new Treo 600 screen 4 months after I bought it (no warranty coverage!). I sent it back to Palmone and they fixed it for $190.
    Does anyone know where I can get extended warranty coverage for a refurbished Treo 600? I called Verizon-they (Lockline) do not offer warranty's on refurbished products (any products not signed up for a new plan within 15 days of activation). Asurian does not insure refurbished phones, period. Palmone does not offer extended warranties on old handspring products (Treo's for example).
    My current options as I see it:

    -Return the phone (or sell it on EBay) and get back my $190 (or more) and apply that toward the purchase of a new phone (which I can insure).

    Does anyone out there see any other options I am missing or am I SOL?

    -The kicker here is that I could have insured my new phone AFTER the screen broke (since the phone was still working (slightly hard to see the screen)-of course I chose to take the high (ethical) road.
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    Just to clarify....I need an exteneded warranty that covers the screen!
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    Why don't you call your home or renters insurance provider and get a personal article insurance policy. They're dirt cheap. You may want to ask them about what it covers, etc.
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