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    Does anybody know of a way to clear-out or edit the Auto-Complete cache on a Treo 650? (Other than doing a hard-reset, of course! ) I have used my Treo to pay bills, make purchases, etc many times and it really bothers me that my CC nbr will automatically appear after I enter only two digits. Mostly, I am interested in scrubbing my CC nbrs, etc out of Blazer but would like to access the cache used for the Contacts app as well.

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    Yes you can find it with filez or zlauncher. Blazer Field Autofill.
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    You can also clear them by clearing your history, in Blazer.
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    surfing porn on your treo?
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    One handed operation IS the Treo's niche.....
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    lmao that's excatly what I was thinking btw porn sucks on the treo screens too small all you see is a nipple at a time

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