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    I received an text message from Unknown telling me to go and get my Sprint update at Palm1's website if I have not done so already. Strange that they did not even put Sprint in as the sender.
    Mike G

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    I'll be interested to see if/when my notification comes.
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    Mine came at 3:47 today.
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    still haven't recieved it -
    da Gimp

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    Finally just got mine in Massachusetts - I wonder if it's rolled out (or notifications are sent) region by region or in another order.
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    Got mine yesterday.

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    Got mine yesterday afternoon also
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    Have you installed and what was the results?
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    I installed ahead of the SMS and the results are good. Better call clarity and more memory in RAM
    Mike G

    Touch (Sprint)
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    I've been running it for a week or so. I can actualy use my BT headset now and hear people. And I don't know if they did anything to the BT Radio, but it seems like I get better range after the update. And I have about 10MB of free space now with my applicatiosn installed. I think before I had like 5MB of free space.

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