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    And here's the change log (for the Pro version). I've probably forgot a few though.
    * It's now possible to use the default skin even if other skins are installed.
    * URL bookmarks. Lets you add favourite URLs you often visit.
    * Podcasting.
    * Load/save playlists. The M3U format is used.
    * Resume. When a video is playing and you exit MMPlayer, it resumes ~10 seconds
    before the exit point the next time you restart MMPlayer. This function is
    only active for video now since the audio continues to play in the background
    when exiting.
    * Separate rotation settings for fullscreen/window mode.

    * I think the crash when touching the Eq on Zire 72 is fixed. I was able to
    reproduce it on my Treo 650 when it finally got to Europe. Somehow, the
    different CPU managed to find a division by zero in the floating point
    math involved when drawing the equalizer spline.
    * Some more memory leaks fixed.
    * 5-way navigator can be used to browse the menu left/right.
    * Generally better behaviour on the Treo 650.
    * Some mp3 files with large pics in the header failed to play if you
    didn't increase the audio buffer.
    * Mp3 and Ogg seeking was broken.
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    See our comments in the other post about how unfair it is to promise lifetime upgrades and then to create a version for the upgrade that has LESS features!
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
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    This sux
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    I got real tired of MMplayer when my polite queries about playing streaming audio with the existing program was completely ignored. I found it to play audio files on SD cards with less fidelity than ptunes also.

    When ptunes made streaming audio work right, I decided that my payment for a license for MMplayer may have been a mistake. To now here that they are reducing the features supported under the license I bought is a real nail in the coffin for MMplayer.

    If I was using it for more video playback, I'm sure I wouldn't be as quick to write them off, but I'm sure I'd be even more peeved with the audacious licensing scheme.
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    i heard about this release candidate and emailed their support requesting a license for their "pro version"
    what follows is a truncated version of the exchanges

    I wrote:

    > i think you should rethink your policy of "rewarding people" i paid for
    > a feature set and all free future upgrades
    > i do not want to threaten but as a lawyer (see my website
    > ) you are guilty of false advertising and consumer
    > fraud.... unless i receive free future upgrades for a product that has
    > at least the same features as the one that i purchased i will refer this
    > matter to a lawfirm that specializes in class action law suits

    Magnus replied:

    I don't know where you heard of this program but it seems you haven't read the
    rules in our forum.

    First of all, it's not a real 1.0 release, it's still a release candidate. The
    purpose of the testing program is to let the most active users in our forum beta
    test it so it will be as bug-free as possible when the real 1.0 is released.

    We haven't yet decided exactly what features to go where, so there's nothing
    definite about the feature list in the post.

    BTW, I'm not sure "class action law suits" are possible in Belgium.




    i am enraged about this blatent disregard for the consumer. i am enraged at their pomposity

    now i understand why warez groups exist... why people "steal" software.... the developers have no concept of "good customer relations" i for one *purchased* this software because i wanted to watch movies when i travel (which is quite often) i *purchased* ptunes because i want to listen to music.

    i now get it - why buy it just borrow it from the warez groups, after all the developers promises mean nothing "lifetime upgrades"

    bull ****
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    Quote Originally Posted by lazaruz
    (see my website )
    Looks to me that you only practice pornography law.
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    mangnus' reply made sense to me. you would spend more than 14.99 on your lawsuit anyway
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    I think...existing licensees should be grandfathered into the Pro program... or at least make the basic have the same features as before. This just makes sense from a customer service standpoint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridges
    I think...existing licensees should be grandfathered into the Pro program... or at least make the basic have the same features as before. This just makes sense from a customer service standpoint.
    I think that he is eventually going to decide to keep the Basic version with the same features as the current. I highly doubt those of us who paid for the .2 version will get the Pro. I mean, the fact that he was considering not giving the base version the equalizer is ridiculous. Hopefully the backlash will have some effect (I mean, he's NOT PalmOne).
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    >Looks to me that you only practice pornography law.
    actually i am a "recovering lawyer" recently retired from my very successful practice of trial law and the name of my practice is not relevant to the discussion of mmplayer's lack of ethics
    >mangnus' reply made sense to me. you would spend more than 14.99 on your lawsuit anyway
    i imagine that court costs alone would be several thousand dollars, however consumer fraud allows for actual damages ($14.99) tripled and then punative damages (to punish the wrongdoer for his misdeeds) otherwise companies would be able to step on consumers all the time and not face any real consequences to its behavior.

    i have no quibble if he keeps the current feature set as the basic version and then sell a pro version with additional features - that is fair- that is what free enterprise is all about. what is not fair is to sell a product with a set of features and promising free future upgrades and then as the upgrades come out features are removed (that is not an upgrade that is a downgrade) and that was my beef before and that is still my beef.

    the fact that mmplayer believes it can hide in belgium does not preclude it from being sued or having a judgment collected on. mmplayer is certainly doing business in the united states. mmplayer is certainly soliciting business from the us. mmplayer is certainly receiving monies from distributors (palmgear to name one) if a judgment is entered against mmplayer for any dollar amount it can be attached to any asset in the us (including accounts receivable from palmgear and any other distributor).

    this form of doing business is wrong
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    I understand about the hiding your website, I was just kidding about that

    I totally agree with you. However, I think that he was just "testing the waters" and will eventually cave to the pressure of keeping the features in the "Base" version.

    Keep in mind he hasn't officially released anything yet. When the 1.0 is actually released, then he will be subject to our wrath. I give him credit for opening the door to criticism. Hopefully he will listen to what people have to say.
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    guys should check out RC2, he included everything from 0.2.14 and then some into the base version, which leaves the liscensed codecs being in the pro version.
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