I installed Missing Sync last week and was able to HotSync my data between Entourage & Treo 650 correctly. After three successful HotSync's I lost the ability to go into the settings for the Entourage Conduit on the Missing Sync window. If I double click or hit the settings button nothing happens? All other conduits allow my to access their settings fine. Another weird situation is that I can HotSync but NO information is exchanged between my Treo & Entourage. All othe rconduits work fine. MarkSoft customer service has had me try a variety of things all of which have not worked. I finally uninstalled ALL Palm & Missing Sync software on my Powerbook and reinstalled per MarkSoft's instructions. Same problem.... Can anyone help me out or offer suggestions? It has been two weeks with my new Treo 650 and I cannot sync with Entourage.