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    I was reading the forum some time back when I think I remember reading that there was a patch to improve the camera quality to a 1.3 meg camera. Was I dreaming or was this discussed? I can't find it in the forums anymore.

    I remember it didn't make sense to me because software should have very little if any at all effect on the amount of pixels the camera can "see" and store.

    Your thoughts?
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    There were people tossing around the idea of a crippled camera (to reduce data use on Sprint's network) such that it only sent VGA pictures from a 1.3mp chip. I think that was idle speculation.
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    shadowmite discivered something in the rom that made him think ot might be a possibility and later ruled it out.
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    Ah, I see. I used that thing so much on my vacation that I was hoping there had been some kind of improvement.
    I love the looks I get when I film my kids doing things with my phone!

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