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    While bluetooth 1.2 on the 650 isn't "possible" there is a work-around that you can use. My friend has a jabra A210 dongle that he uses for his non-bluetooth phone. Well I was playing around with it and discovered that I could listen to any audio on my phone( audio,games etc.) !!! Usually the phone is the conduit and transmitter and the earpiece is the reciever of the bluetooth signal.....but what I did to get it to work was let the dongle become the trasmitter instead of the phone. In simple terms I paired my bluetooth headset and dongle together first, then when you plug the dongle into the phone the audio transfer is instant..that simple. I went ahead and ordered me one from,this doungle is about an inch and a half squared,and maybe half an inch thick,very small and light-weight,and it has a belt clip...i'm not saying i'm the first one to try this,i just haven't seen/read about this anywhere else...anybody try this before?
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    Another product with a dongle (for stereo audio) and non-dongle hands free headset use is
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    Yep since December
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    Another product with a dongle (for stereo audio) and non-dongle hands free headset use is
    have you used this? If so, give us a review.
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    I use this scheme daily for listening to audio books. I have a 650 with a Jabra a210 and a Sony Ericsson HBH660 headset.

    The a210 comes with a nice little piece of Velcro which I have attached to my Treo side case. I hardly notice it--it stays out of the way until I want to use it. The a210 is extremely thin and light and small (see pictures). It has excellent battery life which easily outlasts my headset. When I want to listen to audio through my headset, I put my 650 in its case, turn on the A210 and plug it in to my 650. As soon as the a210 detects audio, it opens a connection to the headset (the headset acts like it is on a call) and keeps the connection open until one minute after all audio stops. At that point the a210 will close the connection to the headset and will go into a standby power-save mode. When the a210 is active, I hear all sound events on the 650 in my headset (meeting notices, phone ringing, pockettunes, etc).

    When the a210 is on and plugged in, the treo thinks you are on a mono hands-free wired headset. When a call comes in, you will hear it ring and can talk just as if you were wired.

    With the latest version of pockettunes and with Freedom (, my 660 button will also advance to the next track.

    When the a210 is on, it takes over all bluetooth communication to the headset, even if the A210 is not plugged-in to your treo. If a call comes in and the a210 is on but not plugged in, the treo's built-in bluetooth will not override the a210 and connect to the headset. However, if I turn-off the a210, within a minute or so my HBH660 will return to its remembered association with my 650 and if a call comes in, the headset will be connected as normal.

    I also have the new treo bluetooth headset. It does not work as well as the HBH660 with my scheme. It only seems to be able to remember one bluetooth association. Thus, if I pair it with my 650 and then pair it with my a210, it will connect to the a210 just fine but when I am done listening to audio and turn the a210 off, the treo bluetooth headset does not remember the connection to the 650 and I have to pair it again. The HBH660 is the best headset in yet another category.

    One caveat I've had. Occasionally, the a210 and my HBH660 have some audio trouble. I will start audible or pockettunes playing and will get the connection to my headset from the a210 just fine. I will head audio normally and then after about 6 or so seconds, the audio turns into a series of quiet clicks. When this happens, I have not figured out a way to make it recover. I reboot both headset and a210 and phone and the same behavior will exist, after 6 seconds just clicks. The one thing that may help is plugging all of these things in (which effectively is like a deeper-reboot to the headset and the a210). If I get the 6 second click problem, I usually give up on audio and don't try again that day. At night, I plug everything in and the next day the audio will work again. Next time I get the 6 second clicks, I'll have to try plugging things in to see if that truly is the trick or if my devices just need some time to themselves to work out their relationship.

    Anyway, I meant to write this up a month or so ago and haven't gotten around to it. To me, having wireless audiobooks on my hip and playing in my ear is worth the extra expense of the a210. A few weeks ago, I spent most of the day listening to my latest book from while building a fence in my backyard. Could I have done this with a wired headset? Probably not with all of the lifting and moving I did.

    Now if only someone would create a profile that would let my beloved 650 do this natively.

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    well for the people that have tried this before what is the best bluetooth headset/dongle combo for streaming audio in your experience?i have a body glove and a scala 500(which i'm sending back) and to me the scala 500 works really well, but i don"t like how very loose it is on my ears, if not for that i would keep it. the body glove sounds ok< but it"s not as loud as the scala.....i would really like to keep this headset if someone can tell me how to get it to stay on my ear, i"ll keep it...please post your various experiences as well....thanx in advance!!!

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