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    Ok so I did search and I have read some posts - but all seem to be for US networks. I purchased a GSM handset and have phone version 1.05. Having made a load of calls today to landlines and cellphones the quality of the call is unusable. Have other GSM users experienced this ? or have I just got a bad phone, Was I too quick to purchase this phone as the software seems to need serious updating :-(

    Hope the gods are with me on this one :-)

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    Mine is bad too. I can live with it on my side (turning Real Palyer volume to 100% helps).
    More difficult to deal with is the bas sound quality at the other end. I've got several complaints saying the experience an annoying echo on their end....

    I'm praying tha the software update patch will make this better. If I only had some certaintyes that the hardware was "good enough" to perform acceptable after the software patch :|
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    I've got an unlocked GSM phone running on Vodafone in the UK. I've not used it much outdoors, but the call quality indoors is fine, although slightly quiet. Certainly when I have used it outside (no headset), it's been a bit of a struggle to hear the other party, but I've had no complaints from their end.

    I have firmware rev. 1.15 and software rev. 1.06.

    I use a wired headset more often than not, and have noticed that the volume and quality using the supplied one is quite a lot worse than using a cheapo Motorola headset I had lying around...
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