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    I'm not exactly sure if/how this can be done but basically what I'm trying to do is sync a folder I have on my computer with my Treo's Memory Card. I would like to be able to HotSync and have any new files in that folder be transfered to my MC. DocsToGo does sync documents and such but you have to manually add them to the sync list. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Anyone? :-/
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    I came here seeking an answer to the same question. In the meantime, I found a product on Handango called BlueSync which claims to do just that:

    Specifically, I'm trying to automate the transfer via hotsync of podcast files downloaded to my PC. Our local news radio station (KSL - has just started releasing local programming via podcast files. I'm planning to use this to synchronize the iPodder podcast download folder with a folder on my SD card. I'm at work right now, so I'll have to try it from home tonight.

    If anyone has an alternative/cheaper/better solution, I'm all ears.

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