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    Is there a good up-to-date call log app out there. I have lost my call log option to installing "Today", which has taken over my green Send Call button. But I do not wanna give up Today if I can replace it with a reliable add-on. I would like an app with more control over the seperate outgoing & incoming calls logs in case I would like to save them to contacts later when I am not quite so busy. I can never catch that little pop-up that asks "would you like to save this number into contacts?"...I hate that darn thing, I can never pull out the styli fast enough to check the box to not show the message again...
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    dont know if you have tried this yet but i found this to work. This will help bring back your call log...

    I found the solution on another forum. There is a program called btnfix by shsh that resolves this issue!


    BtnFix quicky and easily resets the Treo's PHONE button function.

    There are several applications out there (e.g. TAKEphONE, Datebook5, Agendus...) that take over the PHONE button.

    If/when you remove any of those applications, you may encounter a situation where that button is left "hanging" - since the application assigned to it no longer exists, it behaves wrongly.

    Normally, you could get over it by going to your system "Prefs" application, to the "Buttons" tab, and re-assigning the built-in "phone" application to that button (or pressing the "Default" button). To make things simpler - just install and run BtnFix, and press the "Go" button - this will fix the situation if needed.

    Note: on the Treo 650 the "Prefs/Buttons" solution does not even work - it does not allow any change of that button assignment, so BtnFix is the only answer...
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    thanks...I read about that too. I am looking to see if there is a good app out there to handle the call log functions on its own instead of relying on the Treo's built in programming or work in conjunction and enhance it. If I cannot find one, I will consider dumping Today for another similiar program such as 2day or TodayPlus and run the fix.
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    I have not looked at Today but I am suprised you can't put it on another button. Can't you just change it in Prefs? Personally I think the side button is a good place for "Today" functionality, putting Blazer on a SpeedDial button elsewhere since I go on the web less often than phoning.

    I use TAKEphONE for all my dialing now, and it has a nice Call Log (History) that allows you to save etc. TAKEphONE will also take over the green Phone button, but it does have a Prefs feature that allows you to cycle through its screens and optionally add an application to the cycle - which I imagine should work with Today. Then everything will be on the green Phone button. TAKEphONE is from the same author as 2day.
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    Take a look at Natura's Comet - I have used it for about four or more years. It updates from the Treo's call log when a hot sync is done. I also have the call history log displayed within TakePhone. Ben
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    For dialing, Takephone IS the one to use. he is also working on a better call history log. but for a special program there is Treo 600 hone tools pro, you can get it @
    hope it helps

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