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    I am trying to decide between the Sony Ericsson HBH-660 or the new Palm Wireless Headset.

    I have had problems will low volume with my Treo 650 and need a really good quality bluetooth headset so I can actually use it as a phone. Go figure!!

    I can get the HBH-660 for around $80.00.

    From reading all the threads I am leaning towards the HBH-660. I really don't need the additional features of the HBH-662.

    Some opinions would be great.

    PS. Having the same power adaptor is no biggy for me, I would actually prefer to keep them separate because sometimes I am going to pair it with an old SE T-39m.
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    Haven't tried to Palm Wireless Headset, but I own a HBH-660 and LOVE it. Thanks to one of the posters here at TC, I took their advice and hooked mine up with a Jabra eargel. I actually have to turn the volume down LOW on the headset, because it gets so loud. Pairs easily and sounds great.

    Even though the caller id (only shows numbers) is a nice feature, I don't use it as much as I thought it would. Then again, I don't do a lot of call screening. I'm thinking about checking out the Bluespoon AX, I've read great reviews and it is TINY. Depending on the features that you want, you may want to check that out as well.
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    I have been using the HBH660 and ever since the 1.08 update the sound quality has been very good prior to 1.08 used it with btmute
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    I came down to waiting for the 662 or getting the TWH....went with the latter and very satisfied.
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    I have both and am completely sold on the TWH. I had been using the 660 with a slic sound gel and was very happy. Then I bought the TWH and find it more comfortable, lighter, and a bit less geek-like in appearance. I did add a Jabra ear gel to the TWH and find the volume perfectly acceptable. I like the same charger feature and am able to swap them out in the car where both devices get the heaviest use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thr61
    I have both and am completely sold on the TWH.
    How do you find the sound quality outside with the TWH? Do people you talk to complain of excessive wind noise? I wonder since the TWH isn't as long (and close to the mouth) as the 660. I currently have the 660 w/ eargel and it is great except in very windy conditions. Unfortunately I may need to get something else since the power charging connection on the headset is getting flaky and I fear at some point it'll stop charging altogether . If/When that happens, I don't know if I'll get another 660/662 or the TWH. I like the fact that the TWH is a bit more stealthy.
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    I have not checked it outside under such conditions, but in general the voice quality has been excellent. In terms of closeness to the mouth, I just held the two devices next to each other and we are talking about a half inch, so I don't think it is an issue. Further, the TWH sits closer to the face and so I expect it will pick up less ambient noise.
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    sorry to appear ignorant, but what is the TWH? What are the features compared to the 660?
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    The TWH is the palmOne Treo Wireless Headset. It's at the TC store at:
    palmOne Wireless Headset
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