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    I was screwing around and assigning quick key shortcuts and hitting the letters like crazy testing them out and the 650 was actually responding like the 600. You know, how a $500.00 phone should, quickly.

    Well, it slowed down again when I tried other shortcuts but it was blazingly fast for a minute or so when I hit "B" for Blazer and "M" for snapper. When Snapper opened, I hit a few Speed dial letters (friends assigned to D and F) and it dialed right away. NO DELAY! Very odd.. I was switching back and forth between apps and calls and it was responding great. That's how it should work.

    Any other experiences concerning this?
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    For about 20 minutes after I did the 1.08 update, including restoring, my phone was dialing and switching extremely fast. After that it went back to the slow dialing. I have tried everything I could think of to reproduce the events.
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    Button Masher!!!!1 <----(oops I never that I would do that on accident)

    Seriously though I have experienced much of the same. Sometimes calls will go instantly other times a delay.
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    I have the update also...

    This thing should work right from the getgo.
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    I jeaslous - I'm never experienced responsiveness w/ my 650.
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