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    Does anyone know if proxy-web or browse-it supports 16-gray shades? When I download a pic using proxy-web, the images appear to be 4-shades. I'm using Palm OS 3.5 (emulator).

    Does Omnisky support Browse-it or proxy-web?


    p.s. Are these the best browsers for graphical, real-time webbrowsing? (without having to use Palm-made websites).
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    Well, I've tried ProxyWeb before, and I found that it isn't really great for browsing at all.

    If you want a full graphical, 16-level grey shade browser that's reaonably need look no further than AvantGo!

    Yep, the latest version of AvantGo (V3.3 Build 403) can now browse the Web in REAL-TIME, using a wireline modem or a wireless one.

    Just go to, log in and click on "Edit" above your channels list. Then click on "Software Setup" and download the latest version and install it into your Palm and PC.

    The cool thing is that V3.3 now supports SSL encryption and so you can access most secure websites.

    Ive used it myself and have been amazed at how well AvantGo converts real web pages into a Palm-readable format. And the pics in 16-level grey scale are amazing! Tiny, perfect versions of the original.

    The new software adds a few new icons to the top right hand corner of your AvantGo screen for opening files, refreshing a page and navigating back and forth in Web pages.

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    I agree with you, Tan Kit Hoong. I use it for browsing the web, and find it easy to use. I like the "shortcuts" where it allows you to select items like "http://" or "www."...

    It's somewhat of a time saver.

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    AvantGo is a great browser, but it only supports 16 level grayscale on PalmOS 3.3 or later... so even though the Visor is capable of displaying 16 level grayscale, it's not going to work in AvantGo.

    For more on this topic check out this thread:

    One of the few instances where the non-upgradeable OS has come back to bite Visor owners on the ***, unfortunately...

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