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    supposedly mine shipped out while my charger is on backorder till april 14, the sales rep told me i should get my 1 gb card by tomorrow or early next week
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    Got this message today after replying to their original email:

    "Dear Valued Customer:
    As you know, recently unfortunately experienced a computer system malfunction that resulted in the improper price for Part #2690580-Viking 1GB Secure Digital Card being posted to our website, This incorrect price quote was due solely and exclusively to a computer system malfunction and was not the result of pricing policies or practices. Upon discovering this malfunction in our system, we immediately took corrective action to post the correct price and to notify you, our valued customer, of this problem. Most orders were discovered in time and properly cancelled in accordance with policies.
    Despite the fact that this unfortunate circumstance was outside of our control, it nonetheless inconvenienced you, our customer. We here at would, therefore, like to extend to you a money savings rebate on a future purchase. Details of this rebate offer are described in more detail on the Rebate form that is being mailed to your postal address under separate cover.
    Again, please accept our sincere apology for this problem. Here at customer satisfaction is our top priority.


    Gary Guy

    Doubt it will be enough to make up the difference in cost for the card, but they're at least making the customer service effort to make us happy even though their policy clearly states they can cancel our orders and aren't resposible for errors on the site.
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    just to update u guys i just recieved my 1 gb viking card.. yay now im gonna put on my movies that have been sittin on my desktop
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    Has Anyone Ever Received their ... "I'm sorry for misleading you guys!" Letter?? wt*
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    I received it yesterday.
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    i guess i was the only one to recieve it? any my charger that i ordered along with it finally shipped 2 days ago after been backorderd for a couple weeks
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    I got my letter. $25 off $50 or more.
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