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    This is an error I'm getting when I use my DUN (or try to use it) anyone else ever see this?

    TransLibClose err

    Can't get it to work, and for some reason the PDAnet folks can't find my subscription info. I need my reg number. They want me to buy it again! Whatever. I have it saved on my home comp. I just need service for now while I'm on the road. Some help please?
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    hmm, no ideas anyone? what if I had someone send me that file and I loaded it into my treo? Maybe it's corrupt or something.
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    If you're using a Sprint Treo, try disconnecting from the Vision network before turning on the DUN option. That seems to get rid of the above error on my device.
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    I'll try that... geez, how do I disconnect? Also, Having probs setting up the DUN modem on my comp. Can't find where I enter my username and such.
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    new error, whenever I try to modify, set up or change anything in the bluetooth application on my treo it resets my phone. Odd, that never happened before.
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    ok, got the reset problem taken care of. but still can't figure out exactly how to set up the DUN on my comp and I'm still getting that error.
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    in the prefs, go to network. . . there will be a disconnect botton along the bottom.
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    Thanks, I did that but it reconnected immediately. still no luck.

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