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    Can anyone help???

    Using an activesync account with my company's Exchange server, etc. Email appears to be syncing fine. If I put a Calendar entry in Outlook (which also is supposed to sync with activesync to my Treo), it downloads it to my Treo.

    But, if I put appointments in my Treo, they ARE NOT syncing up to my Exchange server and my Outlook calendar on my office PC.

    I.e., only syncing calendar one way!!

    Have new Cingular (locked) Treo 650. Only using standard programs that came with phone.

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    Try to delete the Versamail account and recreate it. Also, use less than a week to sync. Try 3 days.
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    Tried it and it seems to be working. But, didn't underdstand your point about "Try 3 days."

    Of course, had to try to remember all new appts added to my treo to reenter them because once you delete an activesync account, it dumps the calendar info on your Treo automatically.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Overall, I'm very disappointed in how "buggy" the Treo is....
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    This has been discussed in depth in another thread. Basically this is an issue with the GSM Treos only now. The Sprint Treo now has v.3.0c of Versamail (with the release of the 1.08 ROM update) which seems to have resolved this problem. When the GSM update is available I'm sure it'll be corrected there as well.
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    Thanks TreoTim for the link to the other thread.

    Also, I've changed my setting to limit syncs to 3 days but wonder if this affects Calendar at all. The screen only refers to mail.

    Anyone have a clue on when the GSM version of the upgrade to Versamail will be available?

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