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    Anyone have or know of a way to get a shortcut to the VPN in the Prefs? Movian places a shortcut in the launcher, but it's worthless. All it is is an "about" screen when you launch it. You have to go into "Prefs", then "VPN", then connect.

    Any ways to have a shortcut to go straight to the VPN?

    Searched around the threads, but didn't see anything on this. Looked for "VPN", "SHORTCUTS" and "VPN SHORTCUTS". No dice.
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    I'd second that, I'm in the same boat. Is there a simple way to alias an icon/application to spawn that specific application/PRC?
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    using zlauncher:
    add a new tab (type panel)
    in that new panel you'll see all Prefs panels. stay on VPN for 1 second and choose "shorcut" from the menu. Then you can remove the new tab.
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    Thanks for the tip, but any way to do this without using zlauncher? I use PowerRun, and don't particularly care for Zlauncher
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    Alright, FINALLY found a solution to this:

    Download AliasLauncher, which will allow you to create a shortcut to those Prefs (like VPN) and place it wherever you want.
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    I just launch from within blazer or versamail.

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