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    A new version of UnDupe is now available - Undupe from StevensCreek Software

    This new version has the following features:
    New in Version 2!
    - Recognition of identical phone numbers with different punctuation (e.g., xxx-yyy-zzz and (xxx) yyy-zzzz) as identical
    - Recognition of individual daily events which duplicate a "repeating" event as identical
    - Compatibility with flash memory units including Treo 650 and Tungsten T5
    Have fun
    Treo650 Unlocked GSM (Cust ROM 1.71/1.20 ENA w/ FAT32.prc) - TomTom Navigator v5 (Western Europe Maps)
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    I just noticed that PalmDesktop has "duplicate entry removal" built in. Wonder how many versions had that before....I just noticed.....duh on my part.
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    I'm generally ok paying for major software upgrades with significant enhancements. However, this software has had virtually no features added in YEARS. They "updated" it in Mar2004, but I can't tell a bit of difference. I know, I know... no one promised you free upgrades... the company needs to charge for development costs. That's fine if they're doing anything with development or adding features.

    From what I can tell, they have essentially added support for new handhelds and now wants registered users to pay all over again for the software. This one kinda rubs me the wrong way.
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    While I agree that having to pay for it again stinks, it's hard to say this isn't a major upgrade simply because it doesn't look any different. We have no idea how difficult it was to make the program compatible with the NVFS. It's possible that they spent more time dealing with that then most companies do with window dressing a product and calling it a major upgrade. Since the other one worked with all the other devices, maybe they figured this was the only way to recoup their costs.

    I'm really just playing devil's advocate because I do think this should be free for registered users. However, I can't say why I think it should be free beyond the fact that I just don't want to pay for it.

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