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    Just thought I'd post here for completeness. As erveryone knows, the 650 and T|T5 have a number of nuisances and outright OS bugs in them that impact applications in a variety of ways. A few of them we can workaround, while others we just have to wait for PalmOne to patch the OS... (ie: For the OS bug that sometimes stops files from being copied out to SD and then they refuse to copy back to RAM.. PalmOne has to fix that to do it right, for instance.)

    Anyway, one of the P1 buglets made syncing from Shadow Desktop to Shadow Plan handheld a little funky on Treo 650 (desktop side changes being lost for some people); we've released a workaround for this oddity that completely solves that issue.

    Catch it on the website:


    (Coincidentally, my Treo 650 is in the courier awaiting pickup tomorrow morning. My Treo 600 will be missed
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    Yay, new version of ShadowPlan in the next few days.
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    The next public update is a couple/few weeks away yet; not too far off The patch is up on the site though.. didn't want people to have to wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracker00
    Yay, new version of ShadowPlan in the next few days.
    what a fanboy.
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    Jeff, Any chance you'll update GuineaPig for the 650 now?!?!?! Yeah, I'm the one that's been bugging you through email.
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    Where is the updater for those of us on the mac? Even using Virtual PC, you can't just extract the .prc.....
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