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    For all the software improvements on the 650, there seems to be a major downgrade. Maybe I'm missing something...

    On the 600 you were able to lock SMS messages in the SMS application so that when you purged your inbox you wouldn't delete anything that was locked.

    I've looked everywhere (there aren't that many places to look) and I can't seem to find a way to lock messages against deletion in the 650's Messaging application. It looks like if you wants to clean your inbox and keep certain messages, the only way to do it is by deleting the unwanted items one by one and skipping the items you want to keep. That is a hassle!

    Any suggestions?

    If not, I know there are several 3rd party SMS applications. Are any of them 650 compatible? If so, what do you recommend?
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    - Highlight the SMS Message You would like to keep.
    - Press <Menu> and choose "Copy to saved folder"

    Now the message would not be deleted when purging your Inbox
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