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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    The Treo is perfect with OS 5.4
    Why care about 6.x?

    It's the best device ever.

    Cingular Treo 650
    Click here to see what's loaded on my Treo 650
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredgpk
    6.1 has real multi tasking. So you can goto Blazer and start loading a page then go to Datebook to check some dates, then go back to blazer and have the page loaded and ready to go...
    ... or would you rather have faster data so you didn't have time do anything before the page loaded?! . Not to say multi-tasking wouldn't be useful, but if it came to a choice...
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    no doubt it will take 22 of the 23mb avaiable, and proibably wont work.
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    use google' language translator for those of you who don't know chinese (including myself)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater

    Zboater, let me clarify the confusion. BOOTM means "By order of the Moderator"

    I received a threat of banishment by MarkEagle on 4/13, because he didn't like my posts that were in any way critical of Palm.

    So I decided to only post happy happy joy joy posts, so as to avoid the wrath of ME.

    Suddenly, my account stops working, and all posts are gone. I just was able to see that on 4/16. ME posted that I was banned for a week for "trolling" (whatever that means; this is the first time in history someone was banned by saying a pro-Palm thing). I think he meant it to be permanant.

    So I was completely in the dark...suddenly, not one, but two weeks later, my account start working again. I credit that to emails to Marcus, who I contacted for assistance (because all my email to had been ignored).

    So now I am back, pondering a repsonse to all this.
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    lets just say it was real, would it be easy to add, just like an update? or what.
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    While it may be possible to load cobalt onto your treo, if you look at the pictures its seems bluetooth and the cell network are not functioning ( of course that could be also from taking a picture of the cobalt simulator and displaying it on the treo). I'm guessing the work needed to support the broadcom chipset may not be there, unfortunately.
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