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    I'm sick of having all the wires hanging all over my dashboard for my GPS and Treo 650

    I have a VW Touarg and I want to hardwire the power for the Treo to switched fuse in my car's fuse box

    Can I just cut off the end of the lighter adapter and tap into a fuse? - or does this thing act as a converter/power supply of some kind?

    I think the car generates 12Volts

    Anybody have any insight?

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    Find a switched power source behind your dashboard or run a heavy gauge wire from the fuse box. connect that to a lighter outlet (found in any auto supply store, Target, KMart etc) and plug your charger into that.

    However - if you "think the car generates 12Volts" then you probably don't have the requisite skills to play around with the wiring in your car - any car audio shop will do it for you for a nominal fee.

    The Touareg has enough electrical gremlins without introducing any more.....


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