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    Is this possible? I have no SD Card reader at present, so I am using my Treo 650 as my card reader. This works well unless the SD Card wants to autorun something that takes over the 650, like, for example, the firmware updater.

    I'd like to keep the updater from beginning so I could upload a custom ROM into that same SD Card, using the 650 as my SD Card reader/writer.

    FWIW, I use the free program filepctopda to enable this capability.
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    try "launchthis" don't have a link...posting from treo. freeware app.
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    You can find it here

    It's also on, but that's a dead end for this app.

    (Google is a wonderful thing! )

    This does the job exactly! Now to see if it actually works on the 650.
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    It works!!


    Thanks very much, dutchtrumpet.
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    glad it worked. It's one of the must haves on my treo that I never think about.

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