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    barking up the wrong tree here. warez is NOT supported here!!!

    What else do you not like paying for but expect to get anyway?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yobeez
    Full Version? I don't like paying for software. Anyone can "donate"?
    yeah I think we figured as much
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    Quote Originally Posted by yobeez
    Full Version? I don't like paying for software. Anyone can "donate"?
    I'll donate 60 cents.
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    fj60 thanks. now all i need is 29.40 and i can get the software.
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    So everyone here "buys" their software huh.
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    Yes...this is a forum where development takes place...

    Software thieves are not welcome here!!

    good ridance
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    alrighty then. I guess this discussion is over. Farewell fellow treo 650 users
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    I wonder if he steals his hardware also...
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    you've gotta alot of ballz yobeez...
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    Me sees "banned" replacing "Member" soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sxtg
    I wonder if he steals his hardware also...
    I heard he has a problem with the "hardware"
  12. #32 should sell your treo and use that money to BUY the software, you should be able to get plenty of ringo pro versions for $600...
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    Good idea Mathew. I will do that because i feel oh so guilty.
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    I ended this discussion and i see the words have offended people, so I decided to end the discussion, yet everyone has to bad mouth me when I kept my mouth shut and ended it.
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    you probably rip people off on eBay too....when you're in jail you can't use a treo to make your one free call....
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    awww Matthew did i hurt your feelings. Did someone jerk you on an ebay bid? Poor Matthew.
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    Okay I'm going to stop. This is gettin ridiculous. Bye. Please don't reply anything back. It would be very childish. I also apologize on that wise cracks i pulled on Matthew. Good Bye.
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    No, but I know your kind.
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    Hey yobeez...

    You know, one thing that I have always liked about palm software is its low cost. And its idiots like you that are raising the price for everyone else. You have a need (to have MP3 ring tones) a developer has filled the need. They deserve compensation for their work. Why should the rest of us honest people pay more so you f'ing slackers can rip them off? Dont tell me its because you dont have the money; you have a $400-700 phone. Maybe you are just one of those kids that like to circumvent the system? Either way, I dispise your type and wish that I never helped you.

    If you want a free solution, try converting the files to WAV and then play them nativly on the treo. You will pay a space premium but at least you still retain some honor and integrity.


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