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    all of a sudden, all the phone #s in my contacts on my Treo600 are shown in this format:


    while in Outlook they're in the usual format:

    (800) 555-1212

    All the numbers strung together are a bit difficult to read.

    I didn't change any settings that I know of, can anyone offer advice on how to get the 600 format back to the "normal" view? I can't find anything in preferences or options, etc...
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    I've noticed this before but can't remember when it happened. My numbers in my contact list are spaced currently. I'll play with it some and get back with a post if it happens again.
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    go to phone screen, press menu>options>dial preference> and check the box of North American Dailing. It will come back to normal.
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    You're a genius! Fixed in two seconds, thanks!!!

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