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    I am very interested in buying a unlocked CDMA 600. I found one on ebay here the description says people have problems activating w/ Sprint. Would I be able to get these working on Sprint w/ the info on these threads or should I beware. Also does anyone know if I could get insurance on phones not purchased from the service provider?
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    Basically, here's the deal:
    Verizon does not do anything to lock their phones and prevent reprogramming of the phone for other providers. The lock code is 000000 on every VZW phone I have ever encountered. Verizon will also activate any CDMA phone on their network if you give them the ESN.

    Sprint, on the other hand, is a different story. Sprint locks their phones so that it is extremely difficult to use them on other networks. IN ADDITION, Sprint maintains a whitelist of the ESNs of all phones they have sold. If a phone's ESN is *not* on the whitelist, then Sprint will refuse to activate it. In short, in addition to making it extremely difficult to use their phones on other networks, they make it basically impossible to use phones bought elsewhere on their network.

    The lock code of Sprint phones can be worked around with difficulty. There is no workaround for Sprint's ESN whitelist other than luck and social engineering. You MIGHT be able to convince them to activate your phone, but there are no guarantees and it's not likely.
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    Thank you kind sir. This all makes sense to me now.

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