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    I had this problem before, but it had gone away for awile, but now it's back.

    When ever I open Versamail with my corporate email account, it causes a restart. When it opens my POP mail account I don't have any problems. I've deleted all the cache files many times and re-created the account several times. I haven't synced to my desktop since deleating the local files, so I know that there isn't a corrupt getting restored from the desktop.

    When I do the first download, it has a sync error and stops downloading. After several attempts at finishing the sync it finally downloads everything, but then, every time I open Versamail, it restarts my Treo, with the error message "Memory.c, Line 2805, MemMove to NULL".

    Versamail seems to continue to work in the background as I get notification messages that it's downloaded messages, just everytime I launch the application, restart.

    My Treo was doing fine till I installed TreoGuard and that seemed to crash the phone app, so I had to uninstall that and do a hard reset.

    Anyone seen anything like this? Any ideas?
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    Spent about an hour on the phone w/P1 today trying to figure this out as it's the third time this problem has happened.

    Based on moving all of my mail and calendar items to a temp directory, we confirmed that it is a corrupt email message (corrupt as in Versamail can't seem to handle it, Outlook has no problem with it). Looks like the only long term solution is to move mail messages to another folder every time it happens.

    They did confirm that they would document it as an issue - so there's hope that some future version will fix it.

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