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    Can anyone help point me to a thread that explains how to do a clean uninstall/reinstall of a non-ROM app? I did a search but every thread I've found so far that mentions resets and reinstalls is immediately followed by a long exchange of "Treo sucks, No it doesn't, yes it does, no it doesn't, etc.".

    For the record, I had a crash caused by a 3rd party app conflict which apparently has corrupted the database or links for Documents to Go. Now whenever I try to open any document (including those that came on the Sprint CD) the Treo resets immediately.

    I've already tried deleting the app, files, and sub-apps (sheet to go, etc) through the stock launcher, but when I reinstall the resetting behavior resumes.

    I assume I have to delete the app completely, then remove it from the desktop backup folder too before reinstalling but not sure how to do that. I'm not completely against doing a hard reset and reinstalling my apps 1 at a time clean from PRC instead of from recovery sync, but not sure how I should do that either.

    Any suggestions or links to existing threads appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Rename your back up file to something different. I usually name mine backupa. Then perform a hard reset. Once that is done hotsync your Treo. You now have a clean Treo and can reload your apps back on it. I had to do this once when I loaded something on mine that did not play well with the other apps. Not a single reset in a month since I cleaned it up.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not at my sync computer right now so have to guess/ask... is the "backup file" that I need to rename the entire Backup directory under the folder with my sync name (C:/program files/palm/username/backup) or something else? Also, are the personal preferences in there that I'll need to reinstall after hard reset too?

    Thanks again,

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    This Tech Tool has an uninstall option.
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    Ivory, you are right - it is the folder, not just a file, that you should copy and save elsewhere.

    No, the backup folder does not save personal preferences. For these, you need to use a 3rd-party app like BackUpBuddy or BackupMan. These are two great products because they do full backups, full restores, and selective restores. Each also has an option to let you save your backups to a SD card, although I think BackUpBuddy makes you pay extra for that feature.

    If you need your preferences, do a full backup with one of the 3rd-party apps first, then do the hard reset.

    If you don't need your preferences,
    - (optional) copy backup folder to elsewhere
    - DELETE all files in the original backup folder
    - hard reset
    - install all of your "safe" PRCs. You don't really have to do them "one-at-a-time", just do all of the ones you know for sure are safe. Just HotSync them the regular way.
    - Organize you Treo settings just the way you want them.
    - Now run, don't walk, and buy one of the 3rd-party backup programs. Install it, do a full backup. This will be your safe backup, which you can always restore if you ever have trouble with Treo app again. With this, you ever need to do a hard reset again, it'll restore your Treo to a very clean state.
    - NOW install any PRCs for which you have doubt. Maybe do one at a time, play with it for a day or two, then install the next one.
    - For extra safety, do a backup after every doubtful app install. If you ever find an app that is really bad for you, you can delete it AND the backup you did for it.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    AFter going thru this, you robbaly want to avid reinstalling every app yu have after a hard reset. Add these two tools, to your arsenal.

    Northglide's NeatFreakPak - Includes "CleanUp" and "Uninstall Manager". When using the later, UM takes out ALL files associated with a particular app. About $12 if ya can google the promotional code for 1/3 off.

    BaclUpBuddyPro Bundle - Another "two pak" (no, not Tupac) of "BackUpBuddy Pro for Windoze" and "BackUpBuddyVFS". The former backs up veryhting to PC latter to your SD card.
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    I have a related question. I have found that for some reason Dir Assist is now causing a soft reset when I try to copy a listing as a new address book entry. The author says there is nothing he can do and I have deleted it multiple ways (Uninstall Manager and the default Palm launcher) and reinstalled it to no avail. It seems my only choice is to do a full hard reset and reload everything one by one. My questions are these:

    1. Since I use Zlauncher, can I do a "copy to card" for each program, do a hard reset and then reinstall from the card? Obviously I'd have to reload all the passwords and preferences since I will have deleted my saved and unsaved preferences files.

    2. I have backups on my card (Backup Man and Backup Buddy) and don't do hot syncs (since hot syncs always caused problems for me). I need to be able to restore my contacts, my Blazer bookmarks, my memos, my SMS's (and probably some other things I can't think of). How would I do that? What files would I need to restore?

    3. If I do a reinstall the way I described above using Zlauncher, will Uninstall Manager still "capture" each as they are moved back to the Palm from the SD card or does that only work if you do a fresh install of the PRC through a hotsync or such?

    4. I have Zlauncher's theme set up just how I like it and not sure I could do it again. Is there a file to restore from my back ups that would restore that as well?

    5. If I do it the way I propose, am I not really cleaning it out and just going to possibly end up where I began with the same resets problem?

    A lot of questions, but so appreciative for any answers...
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    The preferences file isn't saved somewhere unless you use a 3rd party backup program?

    Also, where does mail from VersaMail get saved/synced to if you're syncing with outlook. I've read that messages in VersaMail don't sync into Outlook, you have to leave them on server and download from the PC as well.


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