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    What's the best way for me to surf the web, check my hotmail account, view pictures online, etc. from my Palm device?

    What software should I get? and what hardware do I need?

    I'd like to go wireless, but I don't think OmniSky supports pictures or hotmail.

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    I would also like to know this, specifically what browser is the best for real-time surfing? I'll be getting a cell-phone connector in the next couple of months and I'd like to know a good browser. AvantGo is great for offline, but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $it$ $doesn$'$t$ $do$ $real$-$time$ $browsing$, $does$ $it$?
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    ProxiWeb 3.5 is the best browser, hands down.
    If you don't want/need graphics, go with Palmscape.

    I do believe that AvantGo does do real-time browsing however.

    But, you will not be able to check your hotmail account by any means, because hotmail has gone java enabled only. no palm browser supports java (yet?). It USED to work, but no more.
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    EudoraWeb is the best. Fast and clean presentation. No images unless you need them. It's worth a try! Check it at:
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    I've had good success using AvantGo as an online browser. It renders the page pretty well, including images - VisorCentral looks good on my Visor. The only problem is that only part of the screen is displayed at any one time, so you have to scroll all over the place to see the whole screen.

    I just downloaded Eudora, and plan to give it a test run too.

    If anyone does know a way to get Hotmail with the Visor, let me know - I'd be interested too.
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    I was wondering if AOL has a palm version of AIM? Now that I go the Springport I wan to make it as much like my PC as I can.

    "No matter where you go... There you are"
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    Originally posted by evan666

    wondering if AOL has a palm version of AIM?
    Yes, see

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