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    One thing I'd love to get an answer for is: How do I append additional digits (and pauses) to my contacts' phone numbers? I have a few that require me to dial additional digits (like extension numbers), but the Goodlink software promptly said "uh, uh" and doesn't interpret these properly.

    The Palm Contacts app does let me append "," for pauses and additional digits. But since I'm trying not to maintain two databases, is it possible to accomplish similar with GL? Note: when I attempt to add a comma to a phone number in GL Contacts, it still says it's "m". Nokia liked to use "p" for pause... could GL be similar? The user doc wasn't of much help in this area.
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    I have a 600 and the only way I know of is to associate the contact with a favorite and use the extra digits feature. Let me check and see if there is a way with GL.

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