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    I'm using the Voicesignal Voicedial on Sprint T650. Before installing the 1.08 upgrade, one very nice feature was pressing the button on the (wired) headset automatically started the Voicedial. Now that's not working after the upgrade.

    Anyone with similar experience?
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    Mine still works fine.
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    did you reinstall voicedial? the update process/hard reset removes the program from the 650 and it needs to be put back on.

    If you did reinstall it probably should delete it and install again as it works for everyone that has mentioned it in other threads
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    Somehow I got lucky with my restore this time. I used TealBackup to restore after the update and VoiceDial was restored without a problem. This is the first time that has happened. I have restored several times over the last 5 months and each and everytime, I had to reinstall VoiceDial. I have used TealBackup on some of those restores as well. I keep VoiceDial on my card because I have always had to reinstall it after restore. I had forgotten that until I read the post above. I may have to do a hard reset and restore just to see if will restore again.
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    I also keep the voicedial install program on my card given the number of times I have had to reinstall it for one reason or another. I wonder why this app does this dissapering act?
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    reinstalled - problem fixed.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krankshawd
    reinstalled - problem fixed.

    Thanks for the help.
    Glad it worked. This is absolutly a critical feature for me, being able to just hit the button on the (wired) headset and having it go straight to voice dial. Too bad won't work that way with BT

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