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    Okay, that is weird. Just noticed that all my appointments in the calendar application are shifted by 1 hour forward. Meaning an appointment originally scheduled for 12 pm shows now up at 1 pm etc. Funny is that the appointments in my Outlook Calendar still show up at their original scheduled times and don't change upon synchronization. Is it possible that the Treo has difficulties with Daylight Savings Time? Yes, I have local network time enabled. Anyone else? I have an original model from Cingular.

    Other than that, and the frequent resets even straight out of the box without any 3rd party applications installed, this is a pretty nice tool. Almost funny to watch the keyboard randomly flash, the screen turning on/off and the occasional reset (more frequent if connected to the power cable? do they have voltage stabilization issues?) while it just sits next to me on my desk without me even using it...

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    Appointments appear at their correct time in the Treo calendar, but they are one hour ahead on the "Show calendar event" on my first screen.

    Really weird. I'm in Washington DC, but every time I set my time zone to Washington DC, it sets my time to one hour earlier than it really is. Setting the time manually doesn't make the problem go away.

    Are Sprint's time servers this bad?
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    I just set my time zone location to New York, and turned off the synchronization with with Sprint's servers, and the problem went away. Maybe my Treo thinks DC is in the central time zone?
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    I'm in Chicago and having the same problem. My appointments on my Treo 650 show one hour earlier than in Outlook. They do show CDT.

    I tried moving from Network Time to setting manually to Chicago and I still have the problem.

    Any ideas?
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    well turns out I don't think this was a Sprint network time problem.

    The fix for me was update for Outlook Conduit found on palmOne site valid for Tungsten T3, E, T5; Zire 31, 72; Treo 650 -- or Solution ID #34017

    Posted November 22, 2004
    This update fixes the following issues:

    -- Fixes an issue with Calendar appointments displaying 1 hour later than expected when using Time Zones
    -- Resolves an issue that may cause Contacts to not sync during a HotSync operation

    After installing the update, I di Hotsync with my Treo 650 set to Chicago and everything was correct and I was able to return to Network Time and all appointments are correct.

    Maybe this will help someone else, too.
    Palm Pre and a nice collection of Treos: 755p, 700, 650, 600, 300 and Palm Pilots, Visors, and Sony Clie

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