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    This is just strange, not really a big deal at all. But I was on a plane with a few of my friends. Two of us have a treo 650 one has a 600 and the other has a sanyo vm4500. We were just recording stuff for no reason. The screen on the 650's and 600 started to freeze but the 4500 kept recording. I was not able to even save the video. The screen frooze for about 4 seconds at a time. Why does this happen? If no one knows just forget I asked.
    I have a lot to say but I dont want to get banned...AGAIN!!
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    Bad spelling ?
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    Must have been a faulty mirror mechanism. . .
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    I was sitting behind you and pointing an energy weapon at your seats. For whatever reason the Sanyo refused to corrupt itself. I think it has to do with the RF shielding.

    Next time don't be so loud and I wan't have to energy-phuck your devices. You guys were recording each-other like a bunch of goons. Screaming and hooting like a room full at retards at the ice-capades when Mickey came out and did a little spin.
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    Were you guys all in the restroom taping each others shlongs? Sometimes that will overload this cheap vga camera. What were those jokers at palmone thinking!?!?

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