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    I know there is a very long thread on this - but I couldn't find the answer I was looking for...and I didn't want to get buried at the end of the thread.

    Here's my question...

    Will outgoing calls automatically be routed to the New Treo™ BT headset - or do you have to manually push the button on the BT headset to transfer the call to the headset?
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    yes they great for me.
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    Thanks Dutch - I just got my new Treo headset and I love it so far.

    Dumb question - can i charge in the car with my treo car charger - or will that somehow fry the headset?
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    lol... now that was a very vague 'yes'! does it mean that he can use the treo charger to charge or will it fry his headset?

    well, if anything can charge ur treo... it'll charge ur headset too!

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