A couple of potentially dumb questions from a still newbie ... on Warfare.

1. I downloaded and installed (2 prc, 2 pdb) to my SD card. It runs find from the SD card (a little slow starting up). I created a short cut in my handheld to Warfare on the SD (I have done this with many SD installed apps with shortcutz and they all work fine)...BUT this time I get an error when trying to execute from the shortcut on the handheld about "...incorrect game graphics..." any insight (is it my SD card...512MB but older and not as fast as an Ultra II card..the problem???)???

2. When I go to download additionally missions .... www.warfareincorporated.com....they state they are pdb files but they are all php files...I can't for the life of me figure out how to install them??????