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    Hey all...

    I'm a new Treo 650 owner, and I'm a little disappointed with the ringer quality. When I load midi ring tones onto my unit, it seems like there are midi voices missing. So, to that end I tried out the application Ringo. I liked the concept, but I was hoping for something a little more powerful, eg an application that will play full voiced ringers or MP3s, or other sound formats.

    Can anyone give me an idea about Ringo alternatives, or is there a way to make the midis on the Treo sound better?


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    Wow, I was hoping somebody would start a thread on ringtones...This has been a long time coming.
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    Umm, you do understand that MIDI does not support voices, in itself? This isn't a limitation of the Treo 650, but rather the MIDI format.

    Hey Josh, search on "MP3 ring" or "MP3 ringtone" and prepare to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of topics asking the same exact thing you are in some form or another. I did a 15 second search and found 175 topics.

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