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    When I use the default web browser and try to log into my bank, I get the warning "You are attempting to access a web page that has an invalid security certificate (server name mismatch). Display this page anyway?"

    Is this safe? I don't want my bank info floating around in the wrong hands...
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    i dont know but why is your Xl1s mirrored???
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    That is a bank website issue. You need to call your bank.....

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    What it means is that the server name on the SSL certificate doesn't match the URL you entered. It could be because the bank has misconfigured something or is using a proxy server, or it could be something more sinister, like someone spoofing your bank's address.

    Although the latter is unlikely, you might like to visit the site from a PC browser and examine the certificate details (click the lock icon at the bottom of the browser window) to put your mind at rest.
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