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    Hi folks,

    I have a Treo 650 now replacing my Tungsten T3, my cell phone, and soon my beeper. I get beeped with text messages currently (patients with sick kids in the middle of the night, hospitals calling about patients, etc.). I want to set the ringtone for the SMS messages to sound like a beeper that will wake me up when I get beeped overnight and I'm trying to sleep. The ringtones that come standard with the Treo are mostly short (and amazingly loud, which is good), and I'm worried that a short sound will not wake me up. Furthermore, my beeper keeps giving me a short beep chirp until I press its button to acknowledge that I got the page. This is good because if I sleep thru the first beeper sound at 3 AM, I'll wake up for the 2nd, 3rd, or 6th chirp.

    So the question is: where can I get a wider variety of ringtones, preferably shareware or freeware?

    -- Josh
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    Can you pick one of the songs and set the volume really loud for SMS message alerts? That's what I did for the calendar, and it wakes me up every morning.
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    there are a few programs (Butler, etc.) that will "nag" you until you answer the page - I don't use them so I can't recommend them first hand.
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    TreoAlert is great. It allows you to have the alert repeat at a user defined interval until you acknowledge it. A simple program that works. Got rid of my beeper!
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    I recommend Butler. It's quite customizable.
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    Search out Butler, many postes label this as a 'must have' for the phone.

    Of course I don't have it, butI suck.
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